Example Data


See example experiments on PanoramaWeb

Yeast SILAC data from MRMer experiment (Martin, D. B., et al.)

• Data from inter-laboratory studies of the CPTAC Verification Working Group (Addona, T.A. et al.)

Assays for human transcription factors (Stergachis, A.B. et al.)

Rat heart study data (unpublished)

Analysis of cross-linked peptide pairs using small molecule data - (Chavez, J.D. et al.) (also view in Panorama Public)

Quality Control example using data from the SProCoP tutorial

Quality Control example using data published in An Automated Pipeline to Monitor System Performance in Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Proteomic Experiments.

Quality Control example using data published in MSstatsQC: Longitudinal system suitability monitoring and quality control for targeted proteomic experiments.

Quality Control example using Lindsay Pino's real world QC data

Quality Control example using isotopologue tracking via a Pierce™ LC-MS/MS System Suitability Standard (7 x 5 Mix)

Developers with experience creating SQL queries, R, Perl, Python or other scripts may be interested in exploring the Query Schema Browser to see the underlying data structures exposed for SQL queries, especially the queries in the targetedms schema, or LabKey Server client API requests.