Download Data From Panorama Public


Download Skyline documents

Skyline documents available in a public dataset can be downloaded by clicking the download icon ( ) next to the document name. In the pop-up menu click Full Skyline Document. This will download a file which can be opened in Skyline.

Download raw data in a web-browser

Raw data uploaded with a dataset is available under the Raw Data tab in the top right corner. Click the tab to view a list of files available for downloading. Select one or more files and click the download icon ( ).

To select all the files listed in the files browser, select the first file in the list by clicking the name of the file in the File column. Press the Shift key and then select the last file by clicking the file name. This will select all the files between the first and the last selected files. Please note that this will not work if you use the checkboxes next to the file names to select files. Click files names instead to select files.

Download raw data using WebDAV

Files can also be downloaded using the WebDAV protocol. On Windows the raw data folder can be mapped as a network drive in Windows Explorer. Other WebDAV clients such as CyberDuck or WinSCP can also be used to connect to the folder.
In the Download Data panel below the files browser in the Raw Data tab you will find the WebDAV URL (example screenshot below) along with the email address and password that is needed to connect to the folder.

Map folder as a network drive in Windows

  • Copy the WebDAV URL displayed in the Download Data panel under the files browser in the Raw Data tab.
  • On your computer open Windows Explorer. Right-click This PC in the left pane and select Map network drive from the menu.

  • In the Map network drive dialog enter the WebDav URL copied in step 1. Check Connect using different credentials and click Finish.
  • When prompted for a username and password enter the email address and password from the DataPanel in the Raw Data tab and click OK.

This should map the folder as a network drive on your computer, and you should be able to copy down the desired files to another folder in Windows Explorer. Once you are done copying files you can disconnect the network drive by right-clicking the mapped drive and selecting Disconnect network drive from the menu. Please note that this works in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. If you have an older operating system and are unable to map a network drive with these steps then you can use a third party WebDAV clients such as CyberDuck and WinSCP.

CyberDuck (

  • Click Open Connection.

  • In the Open Connection dialog select WebDAV (HTTPS) as the connection type.
  • In the Server field enter the WebDAV URL copied from the Download Data panel in the Raw Data tab. CyberDuck will automatically parse the URL and populate the Path field.
  • In the Username field enter
  • In the Password field enter panorama.
  • Click Connect.

WinSCP (

  • In the Login dialog select WwbDAV under File Protocol.
  • Copy the WebDAV URL in the Host name field. WinSCP will automatically parse the remote directory path from the URL, and you will only see "" in the field.
  • Enter under User name.
  • Enter panorama under Password.
  • Click Login.

For options on OSX and Linux see this link: Native OSX and Linux WebDAV Clients