Upload Raw Data


Upload raw data in a web-browser

Raw data associated with Skyline documents in a folder can be uploaded via the Raw Data tab in the top right corner.
(NOTE: If you don't see a Raw Data tab click here for instructions on how to add it)

Click the tab to see a Files browser. You can drag-and-drop files and/or folders located on your computer onto the Files browser as shown in the image below.

Another way to upload files is to click the Upload Files button in the Files browser, and click Browse to navigate to and select the file you want to upload.

Organizing data in folders

Raw data files can be organized in folders. Create a new folder by clicking the new folder button in the Files webpart.

Enter a name for the folder and click Submit.

Click the Show or Hide Folder Tree button to show the folder tree panel.

Click the newly created folder in the folder tree panel to select it. The right panel will update to show the contents of the selected folder. Drag-and-drop files in the right panel to upload them to the new folder.

More information on using the Files browser can be found here: Using the Files Repository

Upload raw data by mapping a network drive in Windows

On a Windows machine you can map your PanoramaWeb folder as a network drive and copy files to the folder using Windows Explorer. This uses WebDAV for file transfer, and Windows XP and later have a built-in WebDAV client.

NOTE: The instructions below will work on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. If you have an older operating system and are unable to map a network drive with these steps then you can use a third party WebDAV client such as Cyberduck. Look at this page for instructions on setting up Cyberduck and for a list of other WebDAV clients: Example Setup for Cyberduck WebDAV Client

To map a PanoramaWeb raw data folder as a Windows network drive follow these steps:
  • In a web-browser navigate to the Panorama folder and click the Raw Data tab
  • Click the Upload Files button in the Files webpart (1. in the screenshot below)
  • Click the "Upload file" icon (2. in the screenshot below).
  • From the File Upload Help dialog copy the WebDav URL (3. in the screenshot below)

  • On your computer open Windows Explorer. Right-click This PC in the left pane and select Map network drive from the menu

  • In the Map network drive dialog enter the WebDav URL that you copied from your Panorama folder. Check Connect using different credentials and click Finish
  • You will be prompted for a username and password. Enter your PanoramaWeb email address and password and click OK
This should map the PanoramaWeb folder as a network drive on your computer, and you should be able to copy files to the folder just as you would to a another folder in Windows Explorer. Once you are done copying files you can disconnect the network drive by right-clicking the mapped drive and selecting Disconnect network drive from the menu.

Adding the Raw Data tab

The Raw Data tab is added by default when you create a new "Panorama" type folder. Some older folders may not have this tab. If you do not see the Raw Data in a "Panorama" type folder, and you are the administrator of the folder, you can add it as follows:
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner
  • Select Add Raw Data Tab from the drop-down menu