Panorama Partners Program

Panorama is a freely-available, open-source repository server application for targeted proteomics assays that integrates into a Skyline proteomics workflow. It has been implemented as a module within LabKey Server, an open-source bioinformatics data management platform with extensive support for proteomics data and a security model rich enough to support clinical studies.

The Panorama Partners Program (P3) currently includes Roche (since 2013), Genentech (since 2013), Merck & Co., Inc. (since 2014), NCI-CPTAC (since 2017), Amgen (since 2017), and Sanofi (since 2018) as members, as well as other multi-year pharma partners. It is designed to help organizations like these make the most of Panorama and its integration with Skyline, and provides a unique opportunity to help guide its development. It gives users a chance to engage directly with the Panorama and Skyline development teams, and help shape the direction of the projects to better suit the organization’s targeted mass spec needs.

Although P3 does not require that an organization have its own, in-house installation of LabKey Server and Panorama, it is very well suited to this approach. Unlike the free hosting provided on PanoramaWeb, an in-house installation helps satisfy strict organizational confidentiality requirements.

Membership in P3 is structured as a flat-rate annual subscription, and includes a professional edition subscription from LabKey. This provides full support and training for installation, maintenance, configuration, and general usage of LabKey Server, plus access to premium features. See the full list of items included.

Regularly scheduled conference calls give P3 members a chance to interact directly with both members of the MacCoss lab (the primary developers of Skyline and Panorama) and staff from LabKey (the primary developers of LabKey Server). MacCoss and LabKey staff will present updates on changes and improvements related to Panorama, and provide input on how to best use Skyline and Panorama to based on the organization’s needs. They will also solicit input on how Panorama might be improved or enhanced, and work to fit those changes into the upcoming development plans.

The program includes everything needed to adopt all of the existing Panorama functionality, and help ensure that the software continues to adapt to new requirements and workflows.

For more information, please contact LabKey.