Import Data Into Panorama


You can import data into a Panorama server either directly from Skyline or from Panorama's web-browser interface.

Importing data into a Panorama server from Skyline

Open the document that you want to publish to Panorama.

  • Click on the Upload to Panorama button in the toolbar, as shown below.  Alternatively, on the File menu, click Upload to Panorama.


  •  If you have not already registered a Panorama server in Skyline you will see the following message.

If you have an existing account on a Panorama server, and you would like to use that, click Continue and enter the server details in the Edit Server form Skyline presents.  If you do not have an existing Panorama account, you can request a project on the PanoramaWeb server hosted at the University of Washington by clicking Register.

In the Edit Server form enter the server URL and the email address and password for your account on the server. Click OK. Skyline will now display a form with the folder hierarchy on the Panorama server.

  • Select a folder on the server where you want to add the document.
  • Click the OK button. 

Skyline will create a ZIP archive of the files for your document and upload the ZIP file to the Panorama server, where it will be imported into the Panorama database. 



Importing data into a Panorama server via a web-browser

Using the Skyline Upload to Panorama toolbar button or menu item is the most convenient way to get your documents into Panorama.  But this can also be done by using the Panorama web interface.

  • In Skyline, open the file you want to upload to Panorama.
  • In the File menu click Share.
  • If the document uses spectral libraries or a background proteome:
    • Click the Minimize libraries radio button to share only the library spectra used in your document
    • Click the Store everything radio button to share the libraries and background proteome files as they exist on your system

  • Save the ZIP file on your computer using the Share Document form presented by Skyline.
  • In Panorama, navigate to your folder.
  • Click the Data Pipeline tab in the upper right corner.
  • Click Process and Import Data as shown below.

  • In the Files browser, click Upload Files
  • Click the Browse button and select the file that you want to import.
  • Click the Upload button.

Once the file has been uploaded it will appear in the list of files in your folder

  • Check the box next to your file name.
  • Click Import Data in the toolbar, beside the Upload Files button


Wait for the file import to complete and then click the Panorama Dashboard tab in the upper right corner.  Your file should be listed under Targeted MS Runs. You can click the file name to view the results in the Skyline document.