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2019-04-06 Biosynthesis and secretion of the microbial sulfated peptide RaxX and binding to the rice XA21 immune receptorXanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoLuu DD, Joe A, Chen Y, Parys K, Bahar O, Pruitt...1JBEI - D. D. Luu et al. RaxX
2019-03-08 Standardization of PGC-LC-MS-based glycomics for sample specific glycotypingHomo sapiens, Sus scrofa, Bos taurusVelos PlusNoStandardization of PGC-LC-MS-based glycomics fo...15Macquarie U - Dextran ladder to standardise PGC-LC-MS-based glycomics
2019-03-05 N-terminal amino acid identification using targeted mass spectrometryEscherichia coliQ ExactiveNoVincent, R. M., Wright, B., & Jaschke, P. R. (2...2Macquarie U Jaschke Lab - N-terminal amino acid identification
2019-03-01 Targeted Mass Spectrometry of Brain and Pancreatic tissuesHomo sapiensQ Exactive HFYes2KTH Uhlen Lab - CZI
2019-01-30 Characterization of Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) proteomic response to natural environmental differencesCrassostrea gigasOrbitrap Fusion Lumos,TSQ VantageNoVenkataraman YR, Timmins-Schiffman E, Horwith M...3UW Roberts Lab - gigas-DNR-proteomics
2019-01-11 Lessons from Two Design-Build-Test-Learn Cycles of Dodecanol Production in Escherichia coli Aided by Machine LearningEscherichia coli6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoOpgenorth P, Costello Z, Okada T, Goyal G, Chen...1JBEI - Beller DBTL-ML manuscript
2019-01-09 Juvenile geoduck ctenidia tissue after summer deployment in Puget Sound, WAPacific geoduckTSQ Vantage,Orbitrap Fusion LumosNoPacific geoduck (Panopea generosa) resilience t...2UW Roberts Lab - Geoduck-OA-eelgrass
2019-01-08 Engineering Corynebacterium glutamicum to produce the biogasoline isopentenol from plant biomass hydrolysatesCorynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 130326460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoSasaki Yusuke and Eng T and HRA and TJ and CY a...1JBEI - Thomas Eng et al
2019-01-07 Quantitative assay of targeted proteome in trichome glandular cells using large-scale selected reaction monitoring strategySolanum lycopersicumQTRAP 5500NoTakemori A, Nakashima T, Ômura H, Tanaka Y, Nak...2Ehime HBFP - Tomato TGC
2018-12-20 Search for synaptic biomarkers of Alzheimer’s diseaseHomo sapiensQTRAP 5500YesLleó A, Núñez-Llaves R, Alcolea D, Chiva C, Bal...4UPF CRG - Sant Pau_AD synaptic
2018-12-13 Isotopologue multi-point calibration for proteomics biomarker quantification in clinical practiceHomo sapiensQTRAP 5500YesChiva C, Pastor O, Trilla-Fuertes L, Gámez-Pozo...4UPF CRG - ImCal
2018-12-05 Multiplex assay for quantification of acute phase proteins and immunoglobulin A in dried blood spotsHomo sapiens6495B Triple Quadrupole LC/MS,6495A Triple Quadrupole LC/MSYesVidova, V., Stuchlikova, E., Vrbova, M., Almasi...12U. Masaryk-Vidova et al. JPR.2018
2018-11-30 Improving Precursor Selectivity in Data Independent Acquisition Using Overlapping WindowsSaccharomyces cerevisiae, Bos taurusQ ExactiveYesAmodei D, Egertson J, MacLean BX, Johnson R, Me...11MacCoss - Improving Precursor Selectivity in Data Independent Acquisition Using Overlapping Windows
2018-10-12 Massively parallel fitness profiling reveals multiple novel enzymes in Pseudomonas putida lysine metabolismPseudomonas putida KT24406460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoThompson MG, Blake-Hedges JM, Cruz-Morales P, B...1JBEI - Mitch Thompson
2018-10-11 A rapid methods development workflow for high-throughput quantitative proteomic applicationsSaccharomyces cerevisiae, Pseudomonas putida KT2440, Escherichia coli6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoChen Y, Vu J, Thompson MG, Sharpless WA, Chan L...17JBEI - Workflow
2018-10-10 ATI in Ancient WheatsTriticumTSQ Vantage,LTQ Orbitrap VelosYes7Leibniz Institute - ATI in Ancient Wheats
2018-10-05 Single-point CalibrationSaccharomyces cerevisiaeQ Exactive HF,TSQ AltisNoPino LK, Searle BC, Huang EL, Noble WS, Hoofnag...2MacCoss - Single-point Calibration
2018-10-04 Plasmalogen Quantification during Human Cytomegalovirus InfectionHuman, Human CytomegalovirusLTQ Orbitrap XLNoInfection-Induced Peroxisome Biogenesis Is a Me...3Cristea Lab - Plasmalogen HCMV
2018-09-17 Carrier-assisted single-tube processing approach for targeted proteomics analysis of low numbers of mammalian cellsHomo sapiensTSQ VantageYes3PNNL - Carrier-assisted LC-SRM
2018-08-30 Layers of regulation on cell-cycle gene expression in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeSaccharomyces cerevisiaeQ Exactive PlusYesKelliher CM, Foster MW, Motta FC, Deckard A, So...4Duke Proteomics Core - Layers of regulation on cell-cycle gene expression in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2018-08-22 Detection of Six Commercially Processed Soy ingredients in an Incurred Food Matrix Using Parallel Reaction MonitoringGlycine maxQ Exactive PlusNoChen S, Yang C, Downs ML. Detection of Six Comm...4Nebraska U FARRP - Soy Targeted Method Development
2018-08-22 Enhanced validation of antibodies for research applicationsHomo sapiensQ Exactive HFYesEdfors F, Hober A, Linderbäck K, Maddalo G, Azi...2KTH Uhlen Lab - Western blot
2018-08-17 Discrimination of Isomers of Released N- and O-Glycans Using Diagnostic Product Ions in Negative Ion PGC-LC-ESI-MS/MSSus scrofa, Bos taurus, Homo sapiensVelos Plus,HCTultraNoAshwood C, Lin CH, Thaysen-Andersen M, Packer N...7Macquarie U - Glycan Isomer Discrimination Product Ions
2018-08-06 Mechanical force induces rapid phosphorylation dependent signaling in Xenopus embryosXenopus laevisQ Exactive HFNo6Cristea Lab - Xenopus_PRM
2018-08-01 Regulation of UCP1 and Mitochondrial Metabolism in Brown Adipose Tissue by Reversible SuccinylationMus musculusTripleTOF 5600Nosubmission to cell1Schilling - BrownAdiposeTissue
2018-07-12 Mass spectrometry-based absolute quantification of 20S proteasome status for controlled ex-vivo expansion of Human Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stromal/Stem CellsHomo sapiensQTRAP 5500, QTRAP 6500NoMenneteau T, Fabre B, Garrigues L, Stella A, Zi...24IPBS-CNRS - SRM_Proteasome_2018
2018-07-05 Identification of novel protein lysine acetyltransferases in Escherichia coliEscherichia coliTripleTOF 6600NoD.G. Christensen, J.G. Meyer, J.T. Baumgartner,...2Schilling - Wolfe_KAT_2018
2018-07-05 Streptococcus pyogenes evades adaptive immunity through specific modification of host IgG glycosylationhuman and mouseTSQ VantageNoNaegeli, A., Bratanis, E., Karlsson, C., Shanno...8Lund University IMP - EndoS
2018-06-11 targeted proteomics toolkit for high-throughput absolute quantification of Escherichia coli proteinsEscherichia coli6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoBatth, Tanveer S., et al. "A targeted proteomic...45JBEI - A targeted proteomics toolkit for high-throughput absolute quantification of Escherichia coli proteins
2018-06-11 A Kinetic-Based Approach to Understanding Heterologous Mevalonate Pathway Function in E. ColiEscherichia coli6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoWeaver, Lane J., et al. "A kinetic‐based approa...1JBEI - Kinetic approach proteomic data
2018-06-11 Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for limonene and perillyl alcohol productionEscherichia coliAB Sciex 5500NoAlonso-Gutierrez, Jorge, et al. "Metabolic engi...1JBEI - Limonene Proteomic Data
2018-06-11 Viscous control of cellular respiration by membrane lipid compositionEscherichia coli6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MSNoBudin I, de Rond T, Chen Y, Chan LJ, Petzold CJ...1JBEI - Viscous control of cellular respiration by membrane lipid composition
2018-06-11 Modular Engineering of L-Tyrosine Production in Escherichia coliEscherichia coliAB Sciex 4000 Q-trapNoJuminaga, Darmawi, et al. "Modular engineering ...1JBEI - Tyrosine pathway engineering proteomic data
2018-05-25 Quality Assessment and Interference Detection in Targeted Mass Spectrometry Data using Machine LearningHumanQTRAP 5500YesToghi Eshghi S, Auger P, Mathews WR. Quality as...3gRED - Automated QC of Targeted MS Data
2018-05-22 HR-SRM-baseds analysis of mouse/human SGLT2 in kidney and heart tissue.Mus musculus/Homo sapiensTripleTOF5600+NoMustroph et al., ESC Heart Failure, in revision...1IfADo - Mustroph_SGLT2
2018-04-19 Parallel Reaction Monitoring on a Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer Increases Reproducibility of Phosphopeptide Detection in Bacterial Phosphoproteomics MeasurementsE. coliQ exactive HFNoTaumer C, Griesbaum L, Kovacevic A, Soufi B, Na...5U of Tuebingen - Ecoli_PRM_Phosphoproteomics
2018-04-17 Facile carrier-assisted targeted mass spectrometric approach for proteomic analysis of low numbers of mammalian cellsHomo sapiensTSQ VantageNo12PNNL - Carrier-assisted targeted proteomics
2018-03-27 Combining discovery and targeted proteomics reveals a prognostic signature in oral cancerHomo sapiensWaters Xevo TQ-XSYes2PaesLeme - SRM Saliva
2018-03-22 Targeted Quantification of the Peroxisome Proteome during Human Cytomegalovirus InfectionHuman, Human CytomegalovirusQ-Exactive HFNoInfection-Induced Peroxisome Biogenesis Is a Me...1Cristea Lab - Peroxisome PRM HCMV
2018-03-22 Identification of functional TEX101 interactome through proteomic profiling of human spermatozoa homozygous for a missense variant rs35033974Homo sapiensQ ExactiveTM Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap and TSQ QuantivaTM triple quadrupole mass spectrometerYesSchiza, C., Korbakis, D., Jarvi, K., Diamandis,...5Diamandis Lab - Schiza et al. TEX101 polymorphism
2018-03-21 Serum glycoprotein biomarker validation for esophageal adenocarcinoma - PROBE-NET cohort datasetHumanAgilent 6490 QQQYesShah AK, Hartel G, Brown I, Winterford C, Na R,...4QIMR Berghofer - EAC LeMBA Validation PROBE-NET Cohort
2018-03-21 Serum glycoprotein biomarker validation for esophageal adenocarcinoma - Ochsner cohort datasetHumanAgilent 6490 QQQYesShah AK, Hartel G, Brown I, Winterford C, Na R,...4QIMR Berghofer - EAC LeMBA Validation Ochsner Cohort
2018-03-15 PknG physiological substratesMycobacterium bovis BCGQExactiveNoKehilwe C Nakedi, Bridget Calder, Mousumi Barne...1Blackburn Lab - PknG physiological substrates
2018-03-08 Using Skyline to Analyze Data-Containing Liquid Chromatography, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, and Mass Spectrometry Dimensions. Journal of The American Society for Mass SpectrometryBos taurus, Saccharomyces cerevisiae6560 Q-TOF LC/MSYesMacLean BX, Pratt BS, Egertson JD, MacCoss MJ, ...5MacLean - Baker IMS
2018-03-05 Discovery of a testis-specific complex TEX101-DPEP3 and selection of its disrupting antibodiesHomo sapiensTSQ Quantiva triple quadrupole (Thermo Scientific)YesSchiza, C., Korbakis, D., Panteleli, E., Jarvi,...4Diamandis Lab - Schiza et al., TEX101-DPEP3 protein complex discovery and validation
2018-01-31 Monitoring molecular contaminants and interferences in proteomic data sets  NoMatthew J. Rardin1Amgen - Molecular Contaminants
2018-01-26 Mass spectrometry identification and quantitation of proteins from small pools of developing auditory and vestibular cellsMouseQ Exactive HFNo3Barr-Gillespie - Pou4f3-Gfp FACs DIA
2018-01-23 Global, site-resolved, quantitative analysis of the yeast redoxomeSaccharomyces cerevisiaeOrbitrap EliteNoUlrike Topf, Ida Suppanz, Lukasz Samluk, Lidia ...5Warscheid Lab - yeast_oxICAT
2018-01-22 Design, Implementation and Multisite Evaluation of a System Suitability Protocol for the Quantitative Assessment of Instrument Performance in Liquid Chromatography-Multiple Reaction Monitoring-MS (LC-MRM-MS)Bos taurusTSQ Quantum,TSQ Vantage,4000 QTRAP,QTRAP 5500,6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS,6460 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS,Xevo TQ-XSNoAbbatiello SE, Mani DR, Schilling B, Maclean B,...15Study_9S
2018-01-03 Targeted Proteomics of HDL in People With Type 2 DiabetesHumanTSQ VantageNo2Vaisar - HDL_T2D_PlosOne
2017-12-18 Curated DIA assay for consistent ecological proteomics of threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus)Gasterosteus aculeatusImpactHD UHR-QTOFNoJ. Li, B.B. Levitan, S. Gomez-Jimenez and D. Kü...4KueltzLab - JoLi-01
2017-11-29 Measurement by a Novel LC-MS/MS Methodology of Vitamin D–Binding ProteinHumanQ Exactive Plus, Thermo FischerYesHenderson CM, Lutsey PL, Misialek JR, Laha TJ, ...1Vitek - Vitamin D
2017-11-20 Quantification of Site-Specific Protein Lysine Acetylation and Succinylation Stoichiometry using Data-Independent Acquisitions (DIA) Mass Spectrometry --Protocol ExampleBovineTripleTOF 5600NoLei Wei, Jesse G. Meyer, Birgit Schilling "Quan...1Schilling - JoVEsuccBSA
2017-11-02 Nitric oxide prevents Aft1 activation and metabolic remodeling in Frataxin-deficient yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiaeAgilent 6420 Triple Quadrupole SpectrometerYesAlsina D, Ros J, Tamarit J. Redox Biology. Vo...1U. of Lleida - Yeast
2017-11-02 SpkG kinase phosphorylates the ferredoxin 5 protein in Synechocystis 6803Synechocystis 6803TSQ VantageNoFEBS Lett, in submission1U of Turku - SpkG-Fd5-SYN_GT
2017-10-25 Targeted proteomics in triple negative breast cancer on FFPE samplesHomo sapiensOrbitrap Fusion LumosYes1.Gámez-Pozo, A. et al. Prediction of adjuvant ...2Chiva - La Paz_TN_Breast_Cancer
2017-10-17 DDR panel radiation responseHomo sapiens6500 QTRAPNoWhiteaker JR, Zhao L, Saul R, Kaczmarczyk JA, S...3Paulovich - DDR_assay_panel_radiation_response
2017-09-27 The conservation of sirtuin lipoamidase activity in bacteria as a regulator of metabolic enzyme complexesE. coliQ-Exactive, Orbitrap VelosNoRowland EA, Greco TM, Snowden CK, McCabe AL, Si...5Cristea - CobB PRM
2017-09-21 Streptococcus pyogenes infection and the human proteome with a special focus on the IgG-cleaving enzyme IdeSHuman, Streptococcus pyogenesTSQ Vantage, TSQ QuantivaNoChristofer A. Q. Karlsson, Sofia Järnum, Lena W...2Lund University IMP - IdeS_activity_Human_Samples
2017-09-21 Cellular signaling underlying GSIS in pancreatic β-cellsRatThermo QE-HFNoKang T, Jensen P, Huang H, Lund Christensen G, ...1U of So Denmark - MCP-PRM_Skyline
2017-07-05 A mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of Homer2-interacting proteins in the mouse brainMouseOrbitrap Elite, TSQ QuantivaNoScott P. Goulding, Karen K. Szumlinski, Candice...3MacCoss - Homer2 Interactome
2017-06-21 MSstatsQC: Longitudinal system suitability monitoring and quality control for targeted proteomic experimentsHomo sapiens, BovineTriple QuadrupolesNoDogu, E, Mohammad-Taheri, S, Abbatiello, SE et ...8Schilling - Longitudinal SSS
2017-06-14 An integrative strategy to identify the entire protein coding potential of prokaryotic genomes by proteogenomicsBartonella henselae strain Houston-1 (Bhen)Orbitrap Fusion Mass Spectrometer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)NoUlrich Omasits, Adithi R. Varadarajan, Michael ...2Wollscheid - Bartonella_Proteogenomics
2017-05-18 Quantification of Mutant SPOP Proteins in Prostate CancerHomo sapiensTSQ Vantage, Waters NanoACQUITY UPLCYes16PNNL - Mutant SPOP Proteins
2017-05-03 Targeted proteomic assays for quantitation of proteins identified by proteogenomic analysis of ovarian cancerHomo sapiensTSQ Vantage, Waters NanoACQUITY UPLCNo70PNNL _ SRM Ovarian Biomarkers
2017-05-03 PSB33 sustains Photosystem II D1 protein under fluctuating light conditionsArabidopsis thaliana Col-0TSQ vantage Thermo ScientificNo1UTurkuPlantBio - PSB33
2017-04-20 Proteomics analysis identifies orthologs of human chitinase-like proteins as inducers of tube-morphogenesis defects in DrosophilaDrosophila melanogasterThermo TSQ Vantage 2NoSandra G. Zimmerman, Gennifer E. Merrihew, Mich...2Berg - Skyline_Analysis_Idgfs
2017-04-17 Proteomic assay development for reproductive maturation state determination in Geoduck: towards a non-invasive proteomic assay for improving aquaculturePanopea generosaThermo VantageNoEmma B. Timmins-Schiffman, Grace A Crandall, Br...2Nunn - Geoduck Reproduction
2017-04-13 Multiplexed MRM-based Protein Quantitation Using Two Different Stable Isotope Labeled Peptides for Calibration  NoAndré LeBlanc, Sarah A. Michaud, Andrew J. Perc...16Borchers Lab - Double SIS-JPR
2017-03-03 Spatially and temporally resolved protein interaction networks in living cells.HumanTSQ QuantivaNoB. T. Lobingier, R. Hüttenhain, K. Eichel, A. Y...2Krogan - GPCR-APEX
2017-02-17 Inactivation of iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis regulator SufR in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 induces unique iron-dependent protein-level responsesSynechocystis sp. PCC 6803TSQ VantageNoLinda Vuorijoki, Arjun Tiwari, Pauli Kallio, Ev...1UTurku - SufR-SRM
2017-02-13 Stoichiometric surface density modelStreptococcus pyogenesThermo TSQ QuantivaYesKristoffer Sjöholm, Ola Kilsgård, Johan Teleman...2Lund U. IMP - Stoichiometric Density Model
2017-01-25 Quantitative mass spectrometry analysis of PD-L1 protein expression, N-glycosylation and expression stoichiometry with PD-1 and PD-L2 in human melanomaHomo sapiensQ Exactive PlusYesMorales-Betanzos CA, Lee H, Gonzalez-Ericsson P...5Liebler - Melanoma Paper
2017-01-10 An optimized chromatographic strategy for multiplexing in parallel reaction monitoring mass spectrometry: Insights from quantitation of activated kinasesHomo sapiensThermo Orbitrap Q Exactive PlusNoUrisman A, Levin RS, Gordan JD, Webber JT, Hern...2UCSF-MSF MIB-PRM paper
2016-12-01 Photosynthesis-related phosphopeptides in Synechocystis 6803Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803TSQ VantageYesMartina Angeleri, Dorota Muth-Pawlak, Eva-Mari ...3UTurku - Angeleri_JProtRes_2016
2016-11-16 Impact of cystinosin glycosylation on protein stability by differential dynamic SILACHumanQexactive plusNoNathalie Nevo, Lucie Thomas, Cerina Chhuon, Zuz...6Guerrera - 3SDXiS
2016-11-15 Time-resolved proteomics vs. ribosome profiling reveals translation dynamics under stressHomo SapiensQTRAP 5500 (SCIEX)NoTzu-Yu Liu, Hector H. Huang, Diamond Wheeler, ...9Wiita - Protein Translation Model SRM data
2016-10-31 Plastin 1 widens stereocilia by transforming actin filament packing from hexagonal to liquidMouseOrbitrap FusionYesKrey JF, Krystofiak ES, Dumont RA, Vijayakumar ...3Barr-Gillespie - Stereocilia Crosslinker Targeted Data
2016-10-26 Osmolality/ salinity responsive enhancers (OSREs) control induction of osmoprotective genes in euryhaline fishOreochromis mossambicusImpactHD UHR-QTOFNoWang X. and Kültz D2Kueltz - Wang and Kultz - 2016_1
2016-10-20 PECAN - A Library Free Peptide Detection Tool for DIA DataHuman, YeastQ-Exactive, Q-Exactive HF, TSQ-Vantage, TSQ-QuantivaNo5PECAN - A Library Free Peptide Detection Tool for DIA Data
2016-10-18 Robust Label-Free, Quantitative Profiling of Circulating Plasma Microparticle Associated ProteinsHumanQExactiveNoBraga-Lagache S, Buchs N, Iacovache MI, Zuber B...2Lagache - N1OHMk
2016-10-17 Acclimation of oxygenic photosynthesis to iron starvation is controlled by the sRNA IsaR1 in cyanobacteriaSynechocystis sp. PCC 6803TSQ VantageNoGeorg J, Kostova G, Vuorijoki L, Schön V, Kadow...2UTurku - IsaR1
2016-10-07 FLNc Calpain GluC SRM AnalysisHumanQExactive PlusNoLena Reimann, Heike Wiese, Yvonne Leber, Anja N...1Warscheid Lab - FLNc Calpain GluC SRM
2016-10-03 ABRF Proteome Informatics Research Group (iPRG) 2015 Study: Detection of differentially abundant proteins in label-free quantitative LC-MS/MS experimentsYeastThermo Scientific Q ExactiveYesChoi M, Eren-Dogu ZF, Colangelo CM, Cottrell JS...9iPRG 2015
2016-09-22 Dynamic phosphorylation of apoptosis signal regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) in response to oxidative and electrophilic stress Q Exactive plusNoCarlos Morales Betanzos, Joel D. Federspiel, Am...2Liebler - ASK PTM
2016-09-21 A general method for targeted quantitative cross-linking mass spectrometryBovine, HumanQ-Exactive Plus, Q-Exactive Plus HFNoJuan D. Chavez, Jimmy K. Eng, Devin K. Schweppe...2Bruce - PRM_XL_manuscript
2016-08-08 Detection of Low Abundance Ocean Bacteria PeptidesRuegeria pomeroyiThermo VantageNo2Nunn - Detection of Low Abundance Ocean Bacteria Peptides
2016-07-13 Gadd45a Promotes Skeletal Muscle Atrophy by Forming a Complex with the Protein Kinase MEKK4MouseTripleTOF 5600NoBullard, S.A., Seo, S., Schilling, B., Dyle, M....1Schilling - Chris Adams_Gadd45a
2016-06-14 Identification and characterization of protein acetylation in Neisseria gonorrhoeaeNeisseria gonorrhoeaeTriple TOF 5600NoPost DMB, Schilling B, Reinders LM, D'Souza AK,...1Schilling - NGackA
2016-06-08 Robust temporal profiling of GRB2 protein complexes in primary T cells using SWATH mass spectrometryMouse5600 Triple-TOFNoEtienne Caron, Romain Roncagalli, Takeshi Hase,...4Aebersold - GRB2 interactome by AP-SWATH
2016-06-02 PRM analysis of EC uterine aspirateHomo sapiensQExactive PlusYesMartinez-Garcia E, Lesur A, Devis L, Campos AR,...1Domon - EC
2016-05-25 Quantifiable peptide tags for targeted proteomics.Homo sapiensTSQ VantageYesGiel Vandemoortele, An Staes, Giulia Gonnelli, ...9Staes - PQS_peptides
2016-05-20 Development, Validation, and Application of a MRM with SIS Peptide Strategy to Quantify Multiplexed Panels of Proteins in Mouse Plasma and Heart TissuesMus musculusAgilent’s 6490 Triple QuadrupoleYes2Genome BC Proteomics Centre - PC Mouse uEiHq2
2016-05-12 In vivo kinase assay of mouse FLNcC2C12 mouse myotubesThermo Scientific Orbitrap Velos EliteNoLena Reimann, Heike Wiese, Yvonne Leber, Anja N...1Warscheid Lab - C-terminal FLNc in vivo kinase assays
2016-05-12 In vitro kinase assay of human and mouse FLNc domain 23-24Human, MouseObritrap Velos Elite, QExactive PlusNoLena Reimann, Heike Wiese, Yvonne Leber, Anja N...1Warscheid Lab - FLNc d23-24 in vitro kinase assay
2016-05-06 Conserved protein abundance pattern of the EGFR-MAPK pathway reveals its regulatory architecturePacific Northwest National LaboratoryTSQ VantageYesTujin Shi, Mario Niepel, Jason E. McDermott, Yu...20PNNL_EGFR_pathway
2016-03-23 Annexin A5 is the Most-Abundant Membrane-Associated Protein in Stereocilia but is DispensableMouseOrbitrap Fusion Tribrid mass spectrometerNoKrey JF, Drummond M, Foster S, Porsov E, Vijaya...2Barr-Gillespie - Annexin A5
2016-03-18 Optimized protocol for quantitative multiple reaction monitoring-based proteomic analysis of formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissuesHumanSciex 5500 QTRAPYesKennedy JJ, Whiteaker JR, Schoenherr RM, Yan P,...7Paulovich - FFPE_MRM_optimization