error on import

error on import Giel Vandemoortele  2016-01-18 06:44:42

We wanted to import our skyline files on our subfolder on Panorama, but we managed to import only 2 out of 10.
All the rest of the files throw the same error (see screenshot): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant org.labkey.targetedms.parser.DataSettings.AnnotationType.-1

Can you help us on this?

Thank you!

Kind regards,
vsharma responded:  2016-01-18 22:43:22
Hi Giel,

Thank you for reporting the error. One of the annotations in your Skyline document ("BioReplicate") is not defined correctly. Can you please select a "Type" for this annotation in Skyline and try uploading to Panorama again?

You can follow these steps to select a "Type" for the annotation:
1. From the "Settings" menu select "Document Settings".
2. Click the "Edit List.." button.
3. In the "Define Annotations" dialog select "BioReplicate" from the list of displayed annotations and click the "Edit.." button.
4. In the "Define Annotation" dialog select an option from the "Type" drop-down list and click "OK".

I don't know how Skyline was able to save an annotation with the document without having a valid type for the annotation. I will look into it.

Thank you,