New Auto-QC install and transferring Configurations

New Auto-QC install and transferring Configurations Alejandro Cohen  2020-09-01 10:19:07


I'm transferring my configurations from one computer to another in a new installation of AutoQC ( I followed the instructions as per your email and get the error attached. The passwords are there in the original configurations. I tried editing the .xml file with the correct password, but that does not seem to work either

Is there a way around this?


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-09-01 11:28:54

Hi Alejandro,

The Panorama passwords in the XML file are encrypted and can only be decrypted on the same machine, so the configurations are not portable across computers. As a workaround you can edit the XML and change the value of the publish_to_panorama attribute from "true" to "false" for each configuration in the file:

<panorama_settings publish_to_panorama="false"

After this change if the path to the Skyline document and the raw data folder are the same on the new computer then you should be able to import the configurations. After importing you will have to edit each configuration in AutoQC Loader, check the "Publish to Panorama" box under the "Panorama Settings" tab and also enter your Panorama password. I hope this works.

Thanks for posting to the support board.