Instrument type

Instrument type nicakruh  2018-08-06 10:02:46

I am adding a data set to Panorama and having issues with the Instrument field. There is no drop-down list and it is not accepting my manual entry for Waters Xevo Tq-S. Can you clarify the correct way to enter this instrument so that I don't receive the error message "unrecognized instrument" when I hit submit?

Thank you!

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-08-06 10:23:40
Hi Nicole,

The instrument field is an auto-complete field. So if you start typing "Xevo TQ" in this field you should see a drop-down list of matching instruments. "Xevo TQ-S (Waters)" should be one of the options in the list. Select the matching option and it will be added to the instrument field. You can also type "Waters" to see a list of all recognized Waters instruments. Let me know if you don't see your instrument or are otherwise having a problem seeing the drop-down list.

This list is backed by the standardized controlled vocabulary maintained by the HUPO Proteomics Standards Initiative (, and submissions to ProteomeXchange require that selected instruments match one of the supported terms in the PSI vocabulary.

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-08-06 10:44:21
I just realized that if you type a hyphen after TQ (e.g. "Xevo TQ-S") you will not see any matches! This is a bug, and I should be able to fix it by the end of the week. But if you type either "Waters" or "Xevo TQ" you should see your instrument in the drop-down list.