administrator priviledge jquijada  2018-05-14 11:39:31
Hi Panorama Team,

I am a new user of Panorama, and I received my Panorama account around a week ago. I have been trying to create folder and invite people, but I do not find the icons that are shown in the tutorial for these functions. Therefore, I wonder if I could have administrator privilege or how can I request them.

My email:
My lab folder is: Stanford U - Snyder Lab

Please, let me know if you need any additional information.
Best regards,
Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-05-14 14:51:04
Hi Jeniffer,

I have confirmed that you are the administrator of this project:

You should be able to create sub-folders in your project as well as add new users to the project. I just want to make sure that you are referring to the latest documentation and tutorials. Here is the latest documentation on

1. Creating new folders:
2. Adding users:

And here is the latest introductory Panorama tutorial:

You can also find these on the PanoramaWeb home page (, in the right column titled "Pages". They are under the "Documentation" and "Tutorials" nodes.

Can you please give it another try?

jquijada responded:  2018-05-14 15:30:14
Title: administrator privilege
Hi Vagisha,

Thank you for your prompt reply and the information that you sent me.

I looked at the tutorial that you sent me, and I cannot find the two icons for adding a new user and for creating a new folder in my account. So, I attached a file with the picture of my account. I think that it should be a gear icon on the top right for adding a new user, and it should be a folder icon on the left drop-down menu for adding a new folder ( I highlighted both areas), both of them are missing.

Please, I'd appreciate your help in my case.

Best regards,
jquijada responded:  2018-05-14 15:37:30
Hi Jenniffer,
I just impersonated you, and I get the icons, but only if I first navigate to the Snyder lab folder. You have drop the menu and then actually click on the "Stanford U - Snyder lab" link. Or just go to this URL:

Then when you drop the menu again, you will see the icons you are looking for. The background page in the images you sent indicates that you are still actually on the Panorama home page.

You are close. Hope this helps.

jquijada responded:  2018-05-14 16:17:18
Hi Brendan,

Thank you for your help. This really worked!
I created and add a new user :)

Best regards,