UCSF-MSF - Axonal injury


The following Skyline document accompanies our publication 


Intra-axonal translation of Khsrp mRNA slows axon regeneration by destabilizing localized mRNAs


Priyanka Patel, Courtney Buchanon, Amar N. Kar, Seung Joon Lee, Pabitra K. Sahoo, Anatoly Urisman, Juan Oses-Prieto, Michela Dell’Orco, Devon E. Cassidy, Sharmina Miller, Elizabeth Thames, Terika P. Smith, Matthew D. Zdradzinski, Alma L. Burlingame, Nora Perrone-Bizzozero, and Jeffery L. Twiss



Clustergrammer Heatmap
Twiss_PRM_unmod_24.sky.zip2020-07-20 05:19:40841841841,71333
Rat nerve axoplasm RBPs

  • Organism: Rattus norvegicus
  • Instrument: Q Exactive Plus
  • SpikeIn: No
  • Keywords: PRM, axonal injury, axoplasm
This PRM dataset quantifies a set of RNA binding proteins (RBPs) in axoplasm from rat sciatic nerves following crush injury over a 28-day time course as compared to uninjured (naive) nerves.
Created on 7/20/20, 5:20 AM
Raw fileSampleConditionBioReplicate
P20150711-01Axo 3D 3C3d crush3
P20150711-02Axo 7D 3C7d crush3
P20150711-04Axo 14D 3C14d crush3
P20150711-05Axo 21D 3C21d crush3
P20150711-06Axo 28D 3C28d crush3
P20150711-08Axo 3D 3N3d naïve3
P20150711-09Axo 7D 3N7d naïve3
P20150711-10Axo 14D 3N14d naïve3
P20150711-11Axo 21D 3N21d naïve3
P20150711-12Axo 28D 3N28d naïve3
P20150711-14Axo 3D 2C3d crush2
P20150711-15Axo 7D 2C7d crush2
P20150711-16Axo 14D 2C14d crush2
P20150711-17Axo 21D 2C21d crush2
P20150711-18Axo 28D 2C28d crush2
P20150711-20Axo 3D 2N3d naïve2
P20150711-21Axo 7D 2N7d naïve2
P20150711-22Axo 14D 2N14d naïve2
P20150711-23Axo 21D 2N21d naïve2
P20150711-24Axo 28D 2N28d naïve2
P20150711-26Axo 3D 1C3d crush1
P20150711-27Axo 7D 1C7d crush1
P20150711-28Axo 14D 1C14d crush1
P20150711-29Axo 21D 1C21d crush1
P20150711-30Axo 28D 1C28d crush1
P20150711-32Axo 3D 1N3d naïve1
P20150711-33Axo 7D 1N7d naïve1
P20150711-35Axo 14D 1N14d naïve1
P20150711-36Axo 21D 1N21d naïve1
P20150711-37Axo 28D 1N28d naïve1