Skyline with discovery content (DDA)

Skyline with discovery content (DDA) An Staes  2016-01-19 07:17:52

We have a skyline file containing discovery data (DDA runs of which we build a spectral lib with the dat files from mascot) and no target data. When importing into panorama, it puts this skyline file in the "targeted MS runs" section. Is there a way to annotate that this is a discovery experiment, present in skyline?


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vsharma responded:  2016-01-19 11:44:24
Hi An,

Thank you for your question. At the moment all Skyline files uploaded to a folder will appear under the "Targeted MS Runs" table. We don't distinguish between Skyline documents containing targeted data vs. those that were created only to contain spectral libraries since the second use case is not very common.

You can add a wiki page to your folder home page describing what the document contains so that is is clear to viewers. You can find more information on creating wiki pages on page 11 of the "Publish to Panorama Public" tutorial (

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