Auto QC not importing older data

Auto QC not importing older data ss  2023-03-17 09:23:54


I've set up AutoQC but some of the files are not imported to Skyline/ uploaded to Panorama with the following message:

221103_Zeno1_S00187_MHE_QC_MNT_100SPD_EV1109_221025_HeLa_50ng_DIA_A6.wiff was acquired (11/3/2022 6:43:44 PM) before the acquisition date (3/6/2023 1:22:36 PM) on the last imported file in the Skyline document. Skipping...

How do I get around this?

Log file is attached



Vagisha Sharma responded:  2023-03-17 11:40:01

Hi Stoyan,

AutoQC Loader will only import raw files that are newer than the last imported replicate in the Skyline document. If you are just getting started with setting up the AutoQC pipeline for an instrument, and would like to import older data, then you should use an empty template Skyline document as the starting point. You can remove any existing replicates in the document by going to the Edit > Manage Results menu in Skyline.
If you already have an established pipeline, you can import older data manually into the Skyline document, and it will get uploaded to Panorama next time a new raw file is acquired and added to the folder that is being monitored by AutoQC Loader. You can also upload the document yourself to Panorama with the "Upload to Panorama" button in Skyline.

I hope this works for you.


ss responded:  2023-03-17 12:42:12

Perfect, issue resolved.

Thank you Vagisha