Error Same Key

Error Same Key bphinney  2015-10-22 16:17:49
So I duplicated my skyline file and removed the results and re saved it. I wanted to add a few more peptides to my QC. When I run autoQC again (pointing to the new skyline file and uploading to a new sub directory on Panorama) I get "An Item with the same key has already been added" and then an Error failed importing. Any ideas on how to fix this?


vsharma responded:  2015-10-22 16:29:22
Would it be possible for you to attach the AutoQC log file? You will find it in the same directory as your Skyline document. It should be named AutoQC_2015_10.txt.

bphinney responded:  2015-10-22 16:39:51
OF course, here you go
bphinney responded:  2015-10-22 16:40:59
Here is another one
vsharma responded:  2015-10-22 17:03:09
Looks like Skyline is not being able to import this raw file. Are you able to manually import qeP_20150924_BSA3.raw into your Skyline document?

bphinney responded:  2015-10-22 17:06:28
Interesting... It gives me the same error. btw it opens fine in xcalibur

pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuildException: Failed importing results file 'C:\bsatest\qep11\qeP_20150924_BSA3.raw'.
An item with the same key has already been added. ---> System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.DocNodeChildren..ctor(IEnumerable`1 items) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\DocNodeChildren.cs:line 18
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.DocNodeParent.set_Children(IList`1 value) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\DocNode.cs:line 386
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.DocNodeParent.ChangeChildren(IList`1 children, IList`1 counts) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\DocNode.cs:line 1183
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.PeptideChromDataSets.Add(PeptideDocNode nodePep, ChromDataSet chromDataSet) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Results\PeptideChromData.cs:line 716
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuilder.AddChromDataSet(Boolean isProcessedScans, ChromDataSet chromDataSet, PeptidePrecursorMz peptidePrecursorMz, IDictionary`2 dictPeptideChromData, ICollection`1 listChromData, ChromFileInfo fileInfo) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Results\ChromCacheBuilder.cs:line 611
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuilder.CalcPeptideChromDataSets(ChromDataProvider provider, List`1 listMzPrecursors, HashSet`1 setInternalStandards) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Results\ChromCacheBuilder.cs:line 435
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuilder.Read(ChromDataProvider provider) in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Results\ChromCacheBuilder.cs:line 335
   at pwiz.Skyline.Model.Results.ChromCacheBuilder.BuildCache() in c:\proj\pwiz_x64\pwiz_tools\Skyline\Model\Results\ChromCacheBuilder.cs:line 251
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
vsharma responded:  2015-10-23 10:46:11
Hi Brett,

I can't tell what the problem might be by looking at the exception message. You should post this to the Skyline support board, if you haven't already. Are you using the latest Skyline-daily?