QC Plots

QC Plots witold szymanski  2023-01-09 01:06:25

Dear Panorama Team!
Thanks for the awesome platform! I have one question though:
Is it possible to have multiple plots in the Dashboard at once? Like different metrics below each other

  1. Retention time
  2. Mass Accuracy


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2023-01-10 16:02:50

Hi Witek,

It is not yet possible to view plots for multiple QC metrics at the same time in the Panorama Dashboard. But this is a great idea. We have added it to our requested feature list. There is no estimate yet on when it will be implemented but I will let you know when this feature is available on PanoramaWeb.

Thanks for using Panorama!


witold szymanski responded:  2023-01-10 23:37:28

Hi! Great!
It sounds like a super easy thing to do and will much simplify and speed up the first fast evaluation of the runs, without the need to click through different metrics.