Problem with server

Problem with server jean-christophe prost  2022-11-01 07:10:21

Dear PanaoramWeb Team,

Nat made me, few days ago, a new PanoramaWeb project. Today I tried, following your "import Data Into Panorama" to generate the zip, without success.
As you can see in the word file, I tested two url. and both of them did not worked

I was wondering what I did wrong

In advance thank you for your help and I wish you a nice day


Brendan MacLean responded:  2022-11-01 12:15:39

Hi Jean-Christophe,
I see the email address you are using. Have you tried logging in directly from a web browser with the same email and password? Try putting both in a text editor and copy-paste into both the web browser and the Skyline "Edit Server" form. If you do this and the web browser works and Skyline does not, then there must be something wrong with something on your network upstream of Skyline blocking it from reaching the server.

But, start by proving to yourself that exactly the same information works for signing in from a web browser, but not from Skyline.

Of course, if the web browser sign in does not work, then you would click the "Forgot Password" link and reset your password.

Thanks for your interest in Panorama and for posting your support request here.


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2022-11-01 16:14:16

Hi Jean-Christophe,

Sorry for the problem you are having connecting to PanoramaWeb from Skyline. My guess is that the request from Skyline is not reaching the server. If there was a problem with the email / password then the error message would have been like "The username and password could not be authenticated...".
But it is a good idea to first make sure that you are using the same email and password that work when you login to the website in a web browser, as Brendan suggested. Sorry that the error message does not have any helpful details. Can you please check if your instance of Skyline is able to communicate with the Skyline server? You can do this by trying to view the external tools available on the Skyline website by going to the Tools > Tools Store menu in Skyline. Let us know if this succeeds. Or if it fails let us know what error you see.


jean-christophe prost responded:  2022-11-02 02:04:52

Dear Vagisha, Dear Brendan,

I found the problem. Our intern restrictions in the Hospital are to high and from my office, since I am connected to the main hopsital network, I will not be able to reach the panorama server.
Our working stations are linked to another network with less restriction and it works fine.

I will check with our IT what can be done.

Thank you again for your help and fast feedback.


jean-christophe prost responded:  2022-11-30 04:56:48

Dear All,

we have one problem with one of our computer wo still has a proxy server problem.
It is very strange since this working station has exactly the same proxy configurations than on the other ones. all these wks are on the same inernet network, and we are able with all of them to go on internet.

One difference that shows there is somewhere a dore closed for this wks, is that automatic updates are not possible and the tool store does not work.

I checked yesterday with our IT but they did not ffind any problem. But they have two questions.
The first one, do have an idea what could be the problem, since two different PCs, with exactly the same proxy settings on the same network, act differently using skyline.

and the second is, could share us the exact server adress that the soft has to reach (I would think it is, and do you have also a potential port-number tha toyu can give us?

In advance thank you so much for your help.
Kind regards