Unable to search for small molecules on Panorama Public

Unable to search for small molecules on Panorama Public chrashwood  2022-10-13 12:17:48

Dear Panorama team,

I hope you are doing well. I was trying to search for small molecules with the PanoramaPublic search function however I have noticed that recently small molecule assays are no longer coming up for searches. Previously, small molecule results would show up if I used the right keyword but now they no longer appear.

E.g. if I search for "arginine" under Protein search or Peptide search, only protein results appear. However, the following Panorama Public document has Skyline assays with arginine listed as a molecule (https://panoramaweb.org/tczcoD.url) as well as many others. Just checking in to see if this is a bug or perhaps there is a different way I should be searching for small molecules.


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2022-10-13 14:41:16

Hi Chris,

Thanks for bringing this up. We don't really have support for small molecule search in Panorama Public. Sorry about that. I think it was possible to search for molecule list names (e.g. 'Biogenic Amine' from one of your documents) via the "Protein Search" tab but that stopped working with a recent database schema change. I am not sure that it was ever possible to search for molecule names through the "Peptide Search" tab. That part of the code has not changed in a while so I am surprised that it worked for you. But I might have missed something so I will take another look.

We are actively working on improving Panorama Public search capabilities so I will make sure that we add support for searching small molecule results.

Thank you for using Panorama Public for your small molecule Skyline documents!