Peptide 'header' and molecule name?

Peptide 'header' and molecule name? Alejandro Cohen  2022-08-31 11:09:22

Hi Panorama people,

I'm setting up a QC workflow using a BSA digest standard on our Lumos LC-MSMS system. I am acquiring by PRM using both CID and HCD for different peptides. I have set a Skyline document with two different Protein Names/Labels (see attached image). When I upload the data to Panorama, the QC plots show the peptide precursor sequence and m/z (see also attached image), but there is no information on the protein name/label as per the Skyline document. Also, the peptides are ordered in alphabetical order.

Is there any way I can group the peptide based on the Proteins Names (as found in Skyline) or any way I can filter them using the protein name/label (BSA_CID or BSA_HCD)?

Hope I made myself clear! Thanks again for your support, the QC feature is KEY for running our lab and checking on instrument health :)



jeckels responded:  2022-09-01 17:24:18

Hi Alejandro,

Yes, your question/request definitely makes sense. You've accurately captured the existing behavior, which isn't currently customizable.

I'd like to make the Panorama reporting follow the Skyline document order instead of alphabetizing. I hadn't given much consideration to differentiating between different protein name/labels, but perhaps we should group and/or prefix when there's more than one in the document.

Thanks for the feedback!