ProteomeXchange submission UniMod ID Missing from Modification

ProteomeXchange submission UniMod ID Missing from Modification ncl trostlab  2022-05-09 09:40:12

Hello, I'm trying to upload our Skyline method files and raw data from an experiment we're submitting with a paper, in this particular experiment we were using a SIL standard (QconCAT) and in Skyline we just modified our target peptides to have 15N atoms instead to include the heavy peptides in the method file. However, this modification is not accepted as a Unimod modification and I can't submit the data as a result. I've included a screenshot which shows the details of the error. I was wondering if you could offer some assistance as to how I can circumvent this problem. Thanks a lot for your help.

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2022-05-09 10:01:23

You can ignore that message. We will be able assign the relevant Unimod Ids based on the amino acids in the peptides in your Skyline documents.
In the next PanoramaWeb update this assignment will happen automatically, and the warning will not be displayed to the submitter.

We already have your submission request. You will get a confirmation email when your data is copied to Panorama Public later today.

Best regards,

ncl trostlab responded:  2022-05-09 12:02:36

Thanks Vagisha!