Assay validation reports to chromatogram libraries

Assay validation reports to chromatogram libraries roman sakson  2022-01-25 10:20:18

Dear Vagisha,

I am exploring the capabilities of chromatogram libraries at the moment, which seem quite useful! Am I correct that there is no way to generate those libraries in Skyline directly, as for spectral libraries (without uploading data to Panorama first)? In a recent announcement to the subscribers you mentioned "Adding new assay validation reports to chromatogram libraries" as a new feature. I am not quite sure what you meant by that and would like to understand better.

Thank you for your time,

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2022-01-25 14:30:28

Hi Roman,

Thank you for posting your questions to the support board. You are right that unlike spectral libraries, chromatogram libraries can only be built by uploading Skyline documents to a Panorama library folder. If the uploaded Skyline documents contain replicates to assess inter- and intra-day variability, then you can view reports in the Panorama folder to help you evaluate assay reproducibility. You can read more about how to set up the required replicate annotations in your Skyline document, and the reports displayed in Panorama on this documentation page: Panorama: Reproducibility Report. These reports are available only in chromatogram library folders.

You can also see some examples here: Example Data: Reproducibility Reporting

Thanks for trying this out!


roman sakson responded:  2022-01-25 14:35:06

Hi Vagisha,

very cool! I really like the boxplots, which are unfortunately not available in Skyline yet, I think. I will definitely test this when I have such data available.