Changing the default user registration email

Changing the default user registration email roman sakson  2021-10-20 13:04:56

Dear Panorama Team,

a former colleague of mine was the first one to be added to the PanoramaWeb project of my current institute. However, my colleague has left our team recently and his email has been deactivated by our IT department. Despite that, newly registered users within our project still receive a PanoramaWeb welcoming email that seemingly comes from my former colleague's email address and the (probably default) text also suggests to contact the PanoramaWeb team at my former colleague's email in case of questions. How could we change this default message?

Thank you,

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-10-20 14:46:07

Hi Roman,

Since you are one of the project administrators you can change the email address that appears in the "From" field in administrative emails sent from your project. Go to the admin menu (gear icon in the top right corner) and choose Folder > Project Settings. Change the email address in the "System email address" field and click "Save". You will not be able to change the default email template but this will change the email address that is included in the email. Let me know if you run into any problems.


roman sakson responded:  2021-10-20 14:58:21

Hi Vagisha,

thank you for the quick reply! Unfortunately, the "System email address" seems to be the only field that I cannot edit. While checking project users overview I noticed that I am not assigned to any group, while my former colleague was within the "Users" group. I should have admin rights for the project, however there also seem to exist certain folders within the project that I cannot access (but other project members can, even those whom I added to the project myself, which seems strange).


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-10-20 16:42:09

Oh, I see that the "System email address" can only be changed by a site admin. I have changed it to your email address.

The "Users" group is the default permissions group that is available in all new projects. When we create a new project on PanoramaWeb we add the project administrator to this group, and give this group read access in the project As a project admin you can create new groups, and manage existing ones. Groups make it convenient to grant a particular role / permission to a set of users. You can read more about project groups here:

When a new folder is created in a project it inherits permissions from the project, so all project admins automatically become administrators in the folder. However, the person who created the folder (and anyone else who is a folder administrator) can uncheck "inherit permissions from parent" and adjust the permissions on the folder as they like. That is probably why you cannot access some folders. I don't think there is a way to prevent this but I will check. Also, there might be some folders that were created before you became project admin. If a folder admin had customized the permissions on those folders before you became project admin then you would not automatically be granted folder admin permission.


roman sakson responded:  2021-10-21 02:32:58

Thank you, Vagisha!

roman sakson responded:  2022-08-30 15:01:01
Title: Changing the system email address again

Dear Vagisha,

now it is time for me to move on, I will be leaving my current institute tomorrow. It seems that we still cannot edit our system email addresses ourselves. Could you please change our system email address from mine to, as my colleague Ingo Feldmann will be taking over the main administrative duties?

Thank you in advance,

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2022-08-30 17:18:09

Done. Good luck!


roman sakson responded:  2022-08-30 22:58:21

Hi Vagisha,

thanks! I will make sure to stay in touch :)! We are using Panorama more and more now.