issues with uploading skyline file to Panorama Public

issues with uploading skyline file to Panorama Public realjune  2021-08-23 02:15:18

Dear Panoramaweb team,

I submitted skyline files to Panorama Public on 8/14/21, and I found that the files are still on "Copy pending" status.
I realized some files from other teams were uploaded to Panorama Public on 8/16/21 or 8/17/21.
I am wondering why my skyline files are still not copied to Panorama Public.
The skyline file I submitted is on revision now, so I appreciate any help for solving this problem.

Injoon Yeo

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-08-23 06:40:01

Hi Injoon,

I sent you an email related to your request on 8/16 and again on 8/18 but I did not hear back from you. Can you please check that you are receiving emails at the email address associated with your account on PanoramaWeb? You can view account details by clicking your name or the user icon in the top right corner and selecting "My Account" from the menu. I apologize for the delay in copying your data. We can get it copied as soon as we get a response from you.

Best regards,

realjune responded:  2021-08-23 18:45:43

Hi Vagisha,

Thank you for quick response.
The person who can check emails at the email address associated with the account is hospitalized now, so he couldn't respond to the email you sent.
Can you please send the email to
I will respond to the email as soon as I get the email.

Injoon Yeo

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-08-23 21:11:39

Hi Injoon,

I am very sorry to hear that the submitter of this dataset is hospitalized. I wish him a speedy recovery.

I just sent the email to the other email address. I suggest that you create an account for yourself and give yourself administrator permissions in the folder so that after the data is copied to Panorama Public you get the automated confirmation email. This email will contain the reviewer account details. You can look at this documentation page for help on creating new accounts and changing folder permissions:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards,