issues with folder format and raw data upload

issues with folder format and raw data upload spacil  2021-07-14 02:49:33


I'm having persistent issues with the raw data upload in my folder named: "Profiling tryptophan catabolites and APP in DBS". Other folders have the same setting and work normally, please fix the bug.


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-07-14 06:31:17

Hi Zdenek,

Can you please describe the problem you are having? The folder you mentioned is not a "Panorama" type folder so you do not see a "Raw Data" tab where you can upload files. You will also not be able to see this folder in Skyline when you try to upload your documents to Panorama since Skyline only recognizes "Panorama" type folders. See this page for information on creating a folder:

Once you have the correct folder type you should be able to upload your raw data files as described on this page:

I hope this helps. If not, please give us some more details so that we can better assist you.


spacil responded:  2021-07-14 14:37:49

Thanks, Vagisha,

for some reason, I was not able to change the folder type in the folder manager. Now it works.