Uploading error to Panorama

Uploading error to Panorama roberthardt  2021-01-04 06:16:41

Dear Skyline-Team,

I cannot upload any sky-zip files to the Panorama server anymore. I'm pretty confident that this has been caused by myself while using the "Cancel upload" button within Skyline daily. I also tried by myself cleaning the upload queue within Panorama, but this is also not working. I guess the server itself somehow got stuck?



Vagisha Sharma responded:  2021-01-04 06:37:36

Hi Robert,

We have a single document import queue for all the projects on PanoramaWeb, and there are some documents in the queue right now that are taking a long time to import. Within your folder you can only see the documents that you have put in the queue, not the ones in the other projects on the server. Your document should get imported in the next couple of hours. I will keep an eye out on the import queue.

Thank you for posting to the support board.

Best regards

roberthardt responded:  2021-01-04 06:47:43

Ok, got it.

Thanks a lot for the extremely fast reply.