AutoQC and skyline stuck at IMPORT WAITING

AutoQC and skyline stuck at IMPORT WAITING DennisGoldfarb  2020-10-06 06:51:13

I created a new AutoQC folder, but am having trouble uploading to it. I tried cancelling everything in the data pipeline, but those are now stuck in "cancelling". Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-10-06 07:45:39

Hi Dennis,

Can you please try again in a couple of hours? The server is working on a large Skyline document import. We have a single job queue for Skyline document imports and sometimes it gets backed up due to documents that take a long time to import. Sorry for the inconvenience.


DennisGoldfarb responded:  2020-10-06 11:49:05

Yep it went through. Thanks Vagisha.