Manuscript on Biotin Acceptor Peptide

Manuscript on Biotin Acceptor Peptide akulyyasov  2020-08-06 05:40:33

Dear Skyline/Panorama team and users,
I have uploaded the graphical abstract of the manuscript which I prepared during lockdown time.
In this paper, I summarized the application of Biotin Acceptor Peptide 1070 which is used in proximity utilizing biotinylation method.
The paper contains the description of its design, construction, and quantitation by Skyline software on the example of DNA dependent interaction of Sox2 and Oct4.
If someone would like to read the text of the article, please send a message to my address
I will be very grateful for any help in improving the text, remarks, and comments on this manuscript.

With best regards,

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-08-06 07:29:50

Hi Arman,

Thank you for posting to the PanoramaWeb support board! This support board is monitored by mostly Panorama / AutoQC / Skyline developers so you are unlikely to get scientific feedback on your work here! I see that you have also posted this message to the Skyline support board. There are more developers and users that monitor that forum so you might be able to connect with researchers willing to help out.

Have you considered putting your work on something like the bioRxiv repository ( This seems like a good place to get feedback from the scientific community on unpublished work before it is submitted to a journal.

Good luck with your manuscript!


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-08-06 07:38:14

I forgot to add that when you are ready to share your Skyline analyses you can submit your Skyline documents to the Panorama Public repository ( Data submitted to Panorama Public can be private (with reviewer account access) or public, as requested by the submitter. More details on submitting to Panorama Public can be found here:

Good luck!

akulyyasov responded:  2020-08-06 22:26:37

Dear Vagisha,
Thank you very much for the information about the bioRxiv repository! I will try to submit my manuscript there too. I plan to submit my Skyline analyses data to Panorama Public after acceptance of my paper.

With best regards,