Error when resubmitting data

Error when resubmitting data Markus  2020-04-25 14:21:31

Dear Panoramaweb team,

during revision we have added a second dataset to a project, which had already received a ProteomeXchange ID for review before. I have now added all data to the existing project and then tried to resubmit but I get the following error:
You are not authorized to edit the short URL 'fK1Nbw'

The former submission was done by a colleague of mine (who has meanwhile left) but I have full rights for the project - could that still be the problem?

Many thanks in advance for your help with this! BTW, would the PX-ID remain the same or would a new one be assigned?


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-04-27 06:01:49

Hi Markus,

This is a bug in the Panorama Public code. Only the person that did the initial submission can re-submit. I will fix the bug in the next couple of weeks. However, since you are the project administrator, you can use a workaround. Click your username in the top right corner, and from the menu select Impersonate > User. In the form, enter the email address of the user that submitted this data to Panorama Public and click "Impersonate". This feature is used to test specific users permissions but in this case it should let you re-submit the data. Remember to click the "Stop Impersonating" button when you are done.

The PX ID will be the same for the re-submitted data.