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Panorama tutorial Srujana  2020-04-07 11:59:08

Hi Panorama development team,

I have recently got access to ParamaWeb. I am working on "Sharing Skyline Document" tutorial. While uploading a file, "IMPORT WAITING" prompt appearin. And in Panorama page also i am seeing the same information. Could you please suggeste me if I need to get additonal acess to use this tutorial? As mentioned in the tutorial overiwe section, I didnt fid a TOTUORIAL folder but I have created a folder in Icahn Scool of Medicine page.
I have a uploaded word document with screen shots.

Thanks- Srujana

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2020-04-07 14:18:21

Hi Srujana,

There are several long running jobs in the Skyline document import queue on PanoramaWeb right now. That is why you are seeing the "Import Waiting" message. Can you please try again later today or tomorrow?


Srujana responded:  2020-04-07 14:30:43
Title: AutoQC Loader

Hi Vagisha,

I am working on Metabolomics data files for Skyline/PanoramaWeb/AutoQC. While installation of AutoQC Loader I am having issues with updated version, which is different from the tutorial version. I dont see create new configuration tab or panorama settings and has different tabs like import and export. Could you please help with this issue and same attached with this message.