Folder on Panorama

Folder on Panorama romeally  2019-09-20 12:00:16

I am trying to set up AutoQC and when I input the path to my folder on Panorama it says it is not a Panorama folder. I can get on Panorama and navigate to the folder so it does exist. Do AutoQC folders need a special designation? I am attaching the error I received as a screen capture. How do I connect to my folder?
Bob O'Meally

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2019-09-20 12:09:37

Hi Bob,

The folder is a "Collaboration" type folder not a "Panorama" type folder. You can change the folder type from the Admin menu (gear icon in the top right). Select Folder > Management. Click the "Folder Type" tab. Select "Panorama" as the folder type and click "Update Folder". On your folder home page you will see a "Panorama Setup" webpart. Choose "QC" and click "Finish".

Skyline and AutoQC Loader can only upload to "Panorama" type folders.

Let me know if you have any other questions or run into any issues.


romeally responded:  2019-09-23 10:01:20

Yes! That was it thank you!