Submit button is missing

Submit button is missing Sabrina Geisslitz  2019-09-16 23:32:54

I already submitted data of another project to Panorama. I think, this time, I did it exactly the same way. I created a folder and two subfolders. In the main folder, I created the "targeted MS experiment" and included the subfolders. I checked the folder permissions. They are exactly the same as for the previous project. I also checked that the folders are "Panorama" folders and not Collaboration folders.
But now, the submit button is missing. I used Skyline version and Mozilla Firefox.
I hope you can help me that I can submit my data.

Sabrina Geisslitz responded:  2019-09-17 00:12:49

Hi Sabrina,

The reason you do not see the "Submit" button is that this is a "Chromatogram Library" folder not an "Experimental Data" folder. Panorama Public can only accept "Experimental Data" folders. You can see the folder type if you add the "Panorama Setup" webpart to the folder. To add a webpart you have to be in "Page Admin" mode as described at the beginning of Step 2 on this page:

Since there were no Skyline documents imported in this folder I changed the folder type to "Experimental Data". You should see the submit button now.


Sabrina Geisslitz responded:  2019-09-17 01:00:39

Hi Vagisha,

thank you very much for your fast response and your help!!!