AutoQC Multiple (at least 2?) Metrics Side by side??

AutoQC Multiple (at least 2?) Metrics Side by side?? Alejandro Cohen  2019-06-07 05:47:25

Hi Panorama people!!!

Wonderful job with AutoQC, one of the best tools I've used for QC in the lab... for more than 25 years!!! (I used to plot Shewhart cotrol chart rules by hand!)

So, here suggestion that might work. Due to the generous real state of large screens, it would be very helpful if you could choose more than one metric (eg Rt and Area) side my side for each target. That would sometimes help quickly identifying and diagnosing problems, as switching from metric to metric for a big list of targets makes it hard to visualize. Of course, I could just split the browser into to screens, but then you have to synchronize scrolling (me?? ?lazy???)

You are doing a great job!!! Keep it up!!!


jeckels responded:  2019-06-09 18:04:00

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear AutoQC is working for you.

Just to clarify what you're proposing:

It sounds like you'd like to see separate plots for different metrics, not have them as separate series on the same plot like we do for the precursor/transition areas option, correct?

Do you see this as being similar to what happens when you check the boxes to showing moving range and CUSUM plots when the "small" plot option is selected? Except maybe that the plots stay large and just expand to the right?


Alejandro Cohen responded:  2019-06-10 06:01:35

Hi Josh,

Yes, something like the CUSUM plots would work, BUT, displaying different metrics (not type of plots). It would be nice to say, plot on one column RT next to Areas and see if there is any direct correlation between the behaviors for the same targets.