Inaccurate peak picking by AutoQC

Inaccurate peak picking by AutoQC LeandroXNeves  2019-06-05 13:01:16

Hello Dear,

A System Suitability workflow is being implemented in the lab but we are experience an issue with the data uploaded to Panorama using AutoQC. A few peptides are being inaccurately picked over different runs (screenshot enclosed). We double checked opening the files into Skyline and the correct peak was always present. Is it possible to provide the correct peak boundaries or scheduling the acquisition is the best option?

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Brendan MacLean responded:  2019-06-06 13:04:16

Hi Leandro,
This same question with the same pictures got asked on the Skyline support board before I had a chance to answer it here. So, I just answered it there:

Hope this helps. Happy system suitability tracking.