Getting stuck importing data.

Getting stuck importing data. tkeppel  2019-01-18 10:39:13

I'm trying to upload results for a QC template project, but no matter if I'm uploading via the "Upload to Panorama" from within Skyline, or I try to manually drag and drop the generated .zip file or the skyline document itself, I'm getting stuck at "IMPORT WAITING".
Is there a command I need to toggle to send it through to upload into my project?
Thank you,

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2019-01-18 10:45:57

Hi Ted,

The server appears to be stuck on importing a Skyline document in another project. I will take a look and get back to you.

Thanks for reporting this!


Vagisha Sharma responded:  2019-01-18 11:28:03

Hi Ted,

I have restarted the server so the pipeline queue is now processing all the accumulated jobs. You may want to wait for a bit before trying your upload again. I will keep an eye out to make sure the pipeline does not get stuck again.


tkeppel responded:  2019-01-18 12:13:45

That got the data through, thank you!
I believe this delay happened even with the first attempt at uploading this morning, and I don't think anyone else in my facility folder was uploading data today, so I don't think it was jammed from me resetting the upload, at least at first. I will let you know if we encounter any further issues in the future.
Thanks again!