Can we get logs? eisuke miyauchi  2018-11-26 18:28:27

Dear PanoramaWeb team,

Can we get logs (ex. operation logs, event logs, and so on) in order to detect unauthorized accesses?


jeckels responded:  2018-11-28 17:59:35

Hi Eisuke,

As a project admin, you can see the audit log for your project. Please click on the gear icon in the upper right, then Go To Module->Query. Select the "auditLog" schema and you'll see a list of events that are audited as separate tables. You can click on one of them and click the View Data link to see any records that have been written. Be aware that only events that are scoped to your specific project will be visible. Items scoped to the whole server, like user log ins, will not show up here.

You can see information about what types of information is captured here:

You can find help on using the schema browser to explore the tables here:

You might also be interested in these documentation topics on how to set up permissions:

Note that not all operations are written to this history. It does not capture all page loads, for example. If you are interested in having access to that full level of detail, you'd need to set up your own installation of Panorama. The Panorama Partners Program is a way to get paid support for this. For more information, please see


eisuke miyauchi responded:  2018-12-02 22:07:22

Dear Josh,

Thank you for your quick and detailed reply!