Inquiring about PanoramaWeb

Inquiring about PanoramaWeb eisuke miyauchi  2018-10-29 01:07:11
I have 4 questions in order to operate PanoramaWeb in our company.

1. Has the data remaining on the cloud definitely erased to prevent reuse or misuse by a third party after withdrawing from PanoramaWeb?

2. Can University of Washington access and use our data on the cloud?

3. How much storage capacity of the cloud?

4. What will become of the data on the cloud when PanoramaWeb is terminated? Can Spectral libraries exported from PanoramaWeb be used in other softwares?
Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-10-29 09:59:47
Hi Eisuke,

Thank you for your questions. See my answers below:

1. Any data you upload to your project on PanoramaWeb is completely under your control. No one else has access to that data unless you grant them permissions to that data. When you delete your data on PanoramaWeb it gets deleted from the server. We retain backups of the filesystem for up to six months in case we have to recover something that a user deleted accidentally. But after that the data is deleted permanently.

2. The overall website administrators of PanoramaWeb such as myself and Brendan MacLean are able to view all the data submitted to PanoramaWeb, in any project. However, we do not look at the data in individual projects unless we are working with the project users to solve an issue. We may gather project statistics from time to time such as the number of Skyline documents uploaded to a project, last date of upload etc. to help us better understand how PanoramaWeb is being used. Other than the PanoramaWeb site administrators no one else at the University of Washington has access to private data in PanoramaWeb.

3. We are currently storing all data on a server dedicated to PanoramaWeb that has a capacity of 16TB. We are also in the process of expanding to use Amazon's S3 so that we have unlimited storage. We expect that work to be completed sometime next year.

4. PanoramaWeb is well funded so we expect to be around for a long time! If we ever run out of funding we will ensure that users are able to access their data until they can move it to an alternate location.

PanoramaWeb is not meant for building spectral libraries from DDA data, for example. Spectrum libraries can be built in Skyline, however, and libraries associated with a Skyline document are included with the document when you upload it to Panorama. And when you download the document from Panorama you get the spectrum libraries along with it. These are usually BiblioSpec libraries ( and can be used with tools that support this format.

If data security is a concern you might want to install your own Panorama server ( Several organizations have chosen to install their own servers behind their firewall. You can start with the free community edition, but we also offer a fully supported option under the Panorama Parteners program (

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,
eisuke miyauchi responded:  2018-10-30 00:09:06
Dear Vagisha,

Thank you for your quick reply!