AutoQC and LK update?

AutoQC and LK update? phains  2018-07-16 21:56:32

Our setup;

Win 10 64 bit running

Win server 2012, 64-bit, running LK v18.1

Since the LK update to v18.1 the uploads are failing. The files are loaded into Skyline fine, but then the upload to the server LK fails.

I’ve attached a number of log files;
AutoQC_log_PC6.txt the log for one specific configuration.
AutoQCProgram.log the log from the AutoQC install directory
LK_log.txt the log from LK for the specific AutoQC configuration above

Any help on this would be appreciated.


jeckels responded:  2018-07-17 07:52:16

Hi Peter,

Thanks for including all of the log files in your post. Sorry for the error.

This was an issue in the 18.1 release that has been fixed in 18.2 what we just released last week. I recommend upgrading your LabKey Server install when you have a chance, and the upload should then be successful.

Here's the bug for reference:


phains responded:  2018-07-17 14:45:06

Thanks for the info, I'll upgrade and get back if it doesn't resolve the issue.