AutoQC and *.wiff files

AutoQC and *.wiff files bonnie baker  2018-06-28 08:24:42

I'm just getting started using AutoQC to load QC data into skyline. I successfully created a configuration but it appears that AutoQC is only loading the first scan into my skyline file. Is there anyway to get it to load more than one scan from a *.wiff file? Better yet, can I add just the scans from the *.wiff file that contain a particular text string in their name?

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-06-28 09:15:15
Hi Bonnie,

Which version of AutoQC and Skyline are you using? With AutoQC Loader (daily) and current Skyline-daily ( you should be able to import all the samples from a multi-sample WIFF file. This feature is not available in the public release of Skyline Sorry about that.

We don't yet have the ability to filter samples in a WIFF file based on a pattern or regular expression. But this is definitely something we would like to add. Thanks for the suggestion!

bonnie baker responded:  2018-06-28 09:40:34
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm using the latest public release. I'll switch to daily and give it another try.