Stay signed in?

Stay signed in? socall  2018-04-18 00:05:52

I'm trying to grab screenshots of my QC pages so that MS techies can be sent a regular email suggesting they check the page, and adding a preview. However I need to sign in everytime I reopen a browser (or get a script to do it). Is there a way I can stay signed in on a particular machine?

Alternatively, is there a permission I can set for my pages that allows them to be viewed without being signed in?

Many thanks,
jeckels responded:  2018-04-18 09:44:07
Hi Sean,

If appropriate, you can make those pages available to the special "Guests" group, which means that users would not need to log in to see them:

However, be aware that effectively makes them publicly available.

On a separate note, adding support for email notifications when new QC data has been uploaded is on our roadmap, so we'd also appreciate input into exactly what content you and others are interested in seeing in those emails.

Vagisha Sharma responded:  2018-04-19 09:30:45
Hi Sean,

With Chrome or Firefox on my windows 10 computer if I change the settings to "Continue where you left off" (Chrome) or "Open tabs from last time" (Firefox), I don't have to re-login if I was logged in when I closed the browser window. Which browser are you using? The session timeout on the server is set to 24 hours, so you will get logged out after 24 hours of inactivity.