AutoQC 404 error

AutoQC 404 error socall  2018-02-11 22:02:48

I'm trying to get AutoQC to talk to Panorama. The folder I'm trying to write to is here: (Yes I managed to spell Orbitrap with a 'b' when making the folder!)

For project folder name in the panorama settings in AutoQC i've tried "U of Melbourne – Proteomics Facility/Orbitrab_Elite_QC" , "project/U of Melbourne – Proteomics Facility/Orbitrab_Elite_QC", "U%20of%20Melbourne%20%E2%80%93%20Proteomics%20Facility/Orbitrab_Elite_QC", and just about everything else I can think of, but no joy.

The error I get is "The remote server returned and error: (404) Not Found", so I assume the address is wrong somehow.

Any ideas? Thanks, Sean
vsharma responded:  2018-02-12 09:30:50
Hi Sean,

The problem was a long hyphen ('—') in your project name between the words "Melbourne" and "Proteomics". I think it is not getting correctly encoded by AutoQC Loader when communicating with Panorama. For the time being, I have replaced that with a '-' in your project name. Can you please try AutoQC Loader again with the following folder path:

U of Melbourne - Proteomics Facility/Orbitrab_Elite_QC