Multiple accounts on Panorama

Multiple accounts on Panorama fazeliniah  2017-09-13 11:09:04
Hi Vagisha,
I have two accounts on Panorama. One belong to our institution (I am the admin) and one is generated for me when I was at the Skyline Targeted Proteomics Course. I would like to use our institution account to share Skyline data but I can't sign out from my second account. I don't have the option to change the server name in the "Publish Document" window. Any advice? Can I ask to remove my personal account?
vsharma responded:  2017-09-13 13:27:54
Hi Hossein,

I only see one account for you (email: on PanoramaWeb. This account is the administrator of the "Childrens Hospital Philadelphia – Proteomics Core Facility" project as well as your folder in "Targeted Proteomics Course". Can you please make sure that this is the account you are using in Skyline? In Skyline from the "Tools" menu select "Options". Select the "Panorama" tab and click "Edit list..". Select the panoramaweb server in the "Edit Servers" dialog and click "Edit".
Let me know if this does not work.