Panorama AutoQC not updating since 3/1

Panorama AutoQC not updating since 3/1 Will Thompson  2017-03-24 06:04:32
Hi Vagisha and team,

We have an issue with the most recent results not showing up in Panorama folder /Duke Proteomics Core/QC. Since 3/1, the AutoQC Loader on the PC loads the data into Skyline and then the log shows that it is pushed to Panorama, but the data never shows up in the Levy-Jennings or other plots. The data HAS been loaded to panorama because I can see them listed in the "RUNS" tab. Please take a look and let me know what you find. I have given admin access to that folder to


Will Thompson responded:  2017-03-24 06:08:47
I just read Todd's message below and the responses. Perhaps our issue is due to the same problem with *.skyd which will be addressed in the next skyline daily release? If so, please simply confirm. Also I will check to see if the manual loading of this skyline file to the folder works.


vsharma responded:  2017-03-24 08:37:34
Hi Will,

Yes, it is the same issue. Since Todd's message, I have updated the Panorama server to the latest release of LabKey Server. So if you do a manual upload of the document from Skyline the chromatogram data will get imported. the real issue (chromatogram data not getting imported via AutoQC) will only get fixed in the next release of Skyline-daily. Sorry about that.