AutoQC: Error getting status of file

AutoQC: Error getting status of file Christian.Frese  2016-08-02 08:30:29

I get the following error message when I start runnign AutoQC:

ERROR: Error getting status of file D:\Data\BSA\20160726_UC_ColID_163_CKF_BSA_50fmol_test2.raw
ERROR: Exception details can be found in the AutoQC log in C:\Users\Q1\Documents\PRM
Adding D:\Data\BSA\20160726_UC_ColID_163_CKF_BSA_50fmol_test2.raw to re-import queue.

I atached the logfile. Any idea what's going on?

vsharma responded:  2016-08-02 09:41:58
Hi Christian,

Are you able to open this .raw file in Skyline? If yes, what version or Skyline are you running, and is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

Would it be possible for you to send me the .raw file so that I can try to debug?

Christian.Frese responded:  2016-08-02 09:46:15
Hi Vagisha,

I have Skyline 3.5 64 bit installed on a windows 7 64 bit computer. The Skyline document was created on a 32 bit version of Skyline 3.5 though. Yes, I can import the raw file into that document when I do it manually in Skyline.

Maybe you can write me an email at so we can arrange the file transfer.

Thanks for your quick reply,