AutoQC importing replicates with the same name

AutoQC importing replicates with the same name bonnie baker  2018-07-11

I'm trying to use AutoQC-daily to control chart our daily instrument QC data in Panorama. Each day we submit the same batch, but change the date on the output *.wiff file. As such, the QC data all has the same name and the AutoQC log file shows the error:
"The replicate MRM 100ng_mL 001 already exists in the given document and the --import-append option is not specified. The replicate will not be added to the document."

Is there a workaround?

vsharma responded:  2018-07-11
Hi Bonnie,

I can't think of a workaround for this. Sorry about that. The sample file names have to be different between *.wiff files for Skyline to be able to import them via AutoQC Loader. We should probably use a combination of the wiff file name and sample name or the acquisition time to recognize that even though the sample name is the same the data is new. We will work on implementing this in a future release. I will keep you posted.