Error 412 Precondition failed

Error 412 Precondition failed ykim  2015-07-27 10:34:58
Hi, I've been uploading files into Panorama without any issues, except that there are two files that give me this error: Error renaming temporary zip file: A remote server returned an error: (412) Precondition Failed. Any idea of how to fix this would be great! Thanks.
vsharma responded:  2015-07-27 13:19:51
If possible, can you please send me one of the files that is failing to upload? Also, can you please give me the URL of the folder where you are trying to upload these files.

One cause of this error could be that there is already a file on the server with the same name as the one you are trying to upload.

ykim responded:  2015-07-27 13:53:49
vsharma responded:  2015-07-27 14:47:22
It looks like these two files were published to PanoramaWeb and then deleted. Unfortunately, the uploaded Skyline zip file did not get deleted from the file system when you deleted it from the Panorama database. And when you tried to publish it again from Skyline, the server returned an error because the file with that name already existed on the server.

I have deleted these two files from the file system, so you should be able to upload them now. Let me know if there are still issues.

We will fix this so that in the future:
1. When a file is deleted from the Panorama UI it also gets deleted on the file system.
2. If a user uploads a file that has already been imported on the server, the user will be asked if they want to re-import the file. In this case the existing file on the server will be overwritten.

In the mean time if you run into this issue again, you can delete the file from the server as follows:
1. Click on the "Data Pipeline" tab.
2. Click on "Process And Import Data".
3. In the "Files" browser select the file you want to delete and click the delete button (red 'X').

ykim responded:  2015-07-27 14:57:01
Worked! Thanks a lot!