Cannot view or download the result (zip file)

Cannot view or download the result (zip file) mh167  2014-01-13 12:38:39
Hi there,

My collaborator just upload our MRM data to Panorama and I was able to view the result in the morning. After tried to download the Zip file and failed many times, I cannot see my result anymore ( I can still see the folder and the file but cannot see the chromatogram or other parts). Once I click the peptide, the panoroma stop working. I tried to download the zip file but always stopped after very long waiting. The web browser indicated some server error. Could you please give me some suggestions? Very appreciate.

vsharma responded:  2014-01-13 13:22:27
Hi MF,

Can you please send me a link to the folder where you are seeing this problem?

Thank you.
mh167 responded:  2014-01-13 17:33:47
Dear Vagisha,

Is there anyway I can send you the link? Not sure if I should post the link to the folder here.
Thanks in advance.