Account permissions Klemens Fröhlich  2018-11-14 09:57:41

Dear PanoramaWeb Team,
I was part of the Skyline Course in August this year. We there got an account from Vagisha Sharma. I now want to use AutoQC to establish an automated QC report system for our targeted peptide panels on a TSQ vantage.
However, I have great troubles following tutorials and webinars on that matter, because I do not seem to have a GROUP in panorama? I cannot access any projects of my own which makes it impossible for me to create folders (If I hover over the HOME directory in the upper left corner of the website I simply do not see any "add folder" button). I also cannot manage any permissions as described.

As already mentioned I think this could be linked to the fact that I do not have any GROUP status in my account.

I would appreciate any feedback on the matter. I would be perfectly happy with an account on the MacCoss Server as described on the sharing_documents#subfolder page.

Best, Klemens

Brendan MacLean responded:  2018-11-15 06:25:40

Hi Klemens,
You will either need to request a project or get someone with an existing project to add you with enough permissions to add folders. I think that would be a "Folder Administrator" or "Project Administrator". If no one in your lab has created a project, then you can request a new project here:

Creating a new project will give you "Project Administrator" permissions to that project, and you will then be able to add other users in your lab or whoever you wish to share your data with.

Thanks for your interest in Panorama.


Klemens Fröhlich responded:  2018-11-15 06:28:13

Hi Brendan,
Thanks for the quick answer. I already requested a new project, since I figured this should resolve the problem. I am waiting for the activation.
Looking forward to use Panorama!