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Assessment of streptavidin peptide shedding in streptavidin-based enrichment strategies

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  • Lab head: Rebekah Gundry
Streptavidin-based enrichment of biotin-tagged molecules is a common methodology used routinely across multiple disciplines in biomedical research. Numerous and varied formats of immobilized streptavidin and related proteins are available. Depending on the type of product and the experimental workflow, varied levels of shedding of streptavidin peptides can be observed. To improve the ability to rapidly assess streptavidin, we developed a library in Skyline for rapid extraction of streptavidin peptides, including YDSAPATDGSGTALGWTVAWK, NAHSATTWSGQYVGGAEAR, INTGWLLTSGTTEANAWK, and STLVGHFTFTK.
Experiment Description
Full Scan (MS1) features such as resolution and scan range can be adjusted in Skyline depending on the mass spectrometer used.
Created on 10/27/20, 1:35 PM