IIT Bombay Proteomics - COVID_Swab_MRM

Validation of detected viral and host peptides from COVID-19 nasopharyngeal swab samples

  • Organism: SARS-CoV-2, Homo sapiens
  • Instrument: TSQ Altis
  • SpikeIn: Yes
  • Keywords: COVID, Nasopharyngeal swabs, MRM, SARS-COV-2, host
  • Lab head: Sanjeeva Srivastava
In the current scenario of COVID-19, an assay that can efficiently and specifically detect infection by SARS-COV2 is required. Nasopharyngeal swabs are non-invasive samples and can be conveniently acquired from the population to be screened. In this work, we have validated a few viral and host peptides (found to be relevant from our shotgun data) using a Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer.
Created on 12/13/20, 3:24 PM
Clustergrammer Heatmap
Swab_host_PvsN_figure_2020-12-06_12-41-22.sky.zip2020-12-13 15:24:001028281622028
COVID_swab_viral_MRM_2020-12-11_23-25-32.sky.zip2020-12-13 15:24:0051313120130