Laboratories requesting samples will receive a single vial containing a lyophilized mixture of heavy synthetic peptides combined with a tryptic digest of HEK293 cells. The peptides and digests are present in sufficient quantities (5 ug digest and 375 fmol each heavy peptide) to permit at least three technical replicates. We have also provided Skyline Files containing various fragmentation specific spectral Libraries (HCD, IT, and QTOF) and a FASTA file containing all 1,000 peptides in one concatenated sequence. Participants are asked to analyze the sample in triplicate using the LC-MS instrument platform of their choice and report peak area ratios and coefficients of variation.   After analysis participants are asked to complete an on-line survey, upload skyline results to Panorama, and raw data to the sPRG (via study anonymizer).


This year’s study is once again open to both ABRF members and non-members. However, the total number of samples is limited, and priority will be given to ABRF members. Non-members are encouraged to join the ABRF (for more information, go to Vendors/sponsors are welcome to participate. Each laboratory interested in participating should only request one sample per lab.


The sPRG anticipates beginning distribution of the samples on July 1, 2013 and requests the resulting data to be returned by September 1, 2013 so that sufficient time will be available to tabulate the results and present them at the 2014 ABRF Meeting (March 22-25; Albuquerque, NM).