7x5 QC

This is an example Panorama QC folder, demonstrating system suitability tracking with the Pierce™ LC-MS/MS System Suitability Standard (7 x 5 Mix). In addition to the usual QC metrics like retention time and peak area, it includes tracking for quantification results generated from the calibration curves for each of the multi-isotopologue peptides in the kit, such as Limit of Detection and the R-squared correlation coefficient for the calibration curve. To explore the results, choose any of the "Isotopologue" metric options in the QC Plots section below.

Learn more about monitoring isotopologue-based quantification metrics in Panorama's documentation for QC folders.

You can download the Skyline document that includes the example data shown here, or an empty Skyline template document for the 7x5 kit to use in your own lab.